First day in class

Every pilot has to begin somewhere and so has you!
After I looked around on the internet I choosed to take my PPL in Stockholms Flygklubb. It was the closest from where I lived at the moment. I had Västerås and Nyköping to choose from, but…

Stockholm Flygklubb is accually the oldest flightschools in Sweden.
The theroryclasses was held at Barkarby Airport. The airport is now closed for all traffics but still has the ”old” approach when taking your PPL.

This is me… This is accually taken by my brother Conny before entering my first lession in ”how to fly” a plane.

And it was my first day in a classroom for over 20 years… hell, I was a bit tired this day… as the pictures shows… and the snow was falling down all over the place…

When you planning to get your PPL make sure you have the time to learn the following topics… and this is just the beginning… there are more to come after you have learn all it all… and even when you are finnish with the exams there are still more to come.

PPL theory

  • 1.01 Aviation law
  • 1.02 Aircraft General Knowledge
  • 1.03 Flight Performance and Planning
  • 1.04 Human performance and limitations
  • 1.05 Meteorology
  • 1.06 Navigation
  • 1.07 Operational Procedures
  • 1.08 Principles of Flight
  • 1.09 VFR communication

Lots of study for a guy like me who last time open a schoolbook in 1988…

How it went…I tell you more about that later…