English Language Proficiency

The English Language Proficiency is a test that examines the candidate’s ability to communicate safely in English. Following ICAO guidelines, the test examines the use of plain, non-routine language and not specialized aviation phraseology.
Consequently, the test is strictly oral and does not contain any written exam. It lasts approximately 30 minutes, it is done face to face with me as an certified examiner and will be recorded for safety and quality assurance reasons.

Test results are generated instantly. There is no specific material that has to be prepared or submitted before the test. The cost of each exam is 195 Euros. The test can award the candidate all possible grades, according to the ICAO grading scale, Level 1 to Level 6.

If the candidate achieves Level 1, 2 or 3 he/she fails and has to take the test again. There is no minimum time before the candidate can re-take the test and no maximum number of re-takes. Failing to achieve Level 4 does not affect the validity of the candidate’s license provided it hasn’t expired for any other reason. If the candidate achieves Level 4, he/she gets the aviation English language proficiency for 4 years, while achieving Level 5 grants him/her the certification for 6 years and Level 6 for the rest of his/her life.  

The test will be both for SWEDISH and ENGLISH.

  • Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Fee: € 195 / SEK 2000

For more information or to apply for a ELP, mail me at pontus@plaahn.com