Are you ready to take off?

What do you need to do before take off?

Well the first thing you need is a PPL (A) FCL. FCL stands for Flight Crew License. Even if you are a private pilot or a Commercial pilot you will need this. And you need to start somewhere.

But before we begin my journey, let me start from the beginning…

I started to ”learn” how to fly in 2014.
I was in a deep hole when I started. Things had gone wrong in so many places in my life that I really needed a big change. And who can change your way of living? – YOU! and only YOU, with a Little help from your friends and family.

But this i acually how it started…
One late afternoon in Västerås, on the 1:th of november 2014, I even have the exact time… 13:55:24.

I had been up in Fagersta, Sweden, for visiting my fathers grave and to Tillberga and showed my respect for my grandmother and grandfather and put flowers on the grave, me, my brother and my mother ended up at a restaurant in Västerås Downtown for lunch… When waiting form the lunch to come to the table, there was this local newspaper… and when reading… I found this ad… The rest is history!